Our story

From inspiration to realization

Our story began while visiting the capital of India, Delhi. The ubiquitous Ayurveda has inspired us so much that we have focused on essential oils that are becoming very popular in Europe. You could smell these beautiful aromas almost on every corner. Of course, the quality of these oils varied and the price did not always follow the quality.

We have been well prepared for our second visit. In advance, we contacted the most interesting essential oil producers and arranged meetings to see personally the quality of each producer. We then brought samples of essential oils from individual manufacturers to select the best producer that does not compromise the quality and freshness of the oils.

We believe that we were able to find such a manufacturer to bring you the best from the world of essential oils. And our decision was correct as our cooperation already lasts more than 7 years.

Our goal is to bring our customers the purest and highest quality essential oils at prices affordable to everyone even for daily use. Essential oils are the soul of plants. Their therapeutic effects have long been known, in particular because they contain high amounts of active substances. And that is why they should not be missing in your home.

Join satisfied customers from all over the world, such as New Zealand, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Austria, Albania, United States, Slovenia, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, France, UK, Latvia, United Arab Emirates and many more.

Besides our B2C customers, we also supply our products to pharmacies, producers of high-end natural cosmetics and environment friendly cleaning products.


Yours IneVitaWorld.com!


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