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    Orange essential oil is derived from the peels of citrus fruits, typically sweet oranges (Citrus sinensis) or bitter oranges (Citrus aurantium). The oil is obtained through cold pressing or steam distillation of the peels, capturing its bright, zesty, and uplifting aroma.

    Orange essential oil is cherished for its potential to promote a positive mood, reduce stress, and uplift the spirit. Its cheerful scent is often used in aromatherapy to create a joyful and energizing atmosphere.

    The oil is sometimes used in skincare products due to its potential to support healthy skin and promote a clear complexion. It can be added to facial cleansers, toners, and body lotions.

    Orange essential oil is recognized for its potential to support the immune system and overall wellness. Its immune-boosting properties can be beneficial during seasonal changes.

    The oil's fresh and citrusy fragrance has made it a popular choice in perfumery. It is often used as a top note in fragrance compositions to add a burst of freshness.

    The oil's association with positivity and vitality has led to its use in natural cleaning products and air fresheners.

    Orange essential oil is often included in massage blends due to its potential to alleviate muscle discomfort and promote relaxation.

    Due to its versatile nature, affordability, and appealing scent, orange essential oil is a staple in aromatherapy and DIY beauty and cleaning products.

    In summary, orange essential oil is a vibrant and aromatic oil with potential benefits for mood enhancement, skincare, and immune support. Its fresh aroma and potential therapeutic properties make it a valuable addition to various wellness and aromatic applications.

  • Safety card

  • Birth certificate of essential oil

    Latin name:
    Citrus sinensis
    Steam distillation
    Parts used:
    Origin of parts:
    a-pinene, myrcene, sabinene, limonene, citronellal, linalool, neral, geranial
    Sweet, citrusy
    Shelf life:
    Approximately 1-2 years
    • Blends with:

      Lemon, Grapefruit, Bergamot, and Lavender
    • Quality

      100% natural, not diluted and not adulterated essentail oil. It does not contain any other chemical or carrier oil
  • Benefits

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    Promotes a positive mood
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    Uplifting and invigorating
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    Supports healthy digestion
  • Suggestions for use

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    Add a few drops to a diffuser for a refreshing and energizing aroma
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    Dilute and apply topically for a citrusy scent
  • Research

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    Study on the effects of Citrus sinensis essential oil on stress and anxiety - full article
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    Research on the antimicrobial properties of Citrus sinensis essential oil - full article
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    Investigation of the effects of Citrus sinensis essential oil on digestion - full article

Additional information

Orange Oil is extracted from the fruit part of the Orange tree through steam distillation process. The use of extracted oil helps in bringing happiness as well as feeling of warmth in the mind of people. Having therapeutic properties, it is very effective on immune system as well as aids in eliminating toxins from the body.