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  • About essentail oil

    Siamwood essential oil, also known as Siamese rosewood or Thai rosewood essential oil, is derived from the wood of the Fokienia hodginsii tree, a rare and aromatic evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia. The oil is obtained through steam distillation of the wood, capturing its unique, woody, and resinous aroma.

    Siamwood essential oil is cherished for its potential to promote relaxation, balance emotions, and create a tranquil atmosphere. Its calming scent is often used in aromatherapy to alleviate stress and anxiety.

    The oil is sometimes used in skincare products due to its potential to support healthy and youthful skin. It can be added to facial serums, creams, and body oils.

    Siamwood oil is valued for its potential to enhance meditation and spiritual practices. Its grounding and uplifting aroma can aid in achieving a state of mindfulness.

    The oil's exotic and inviting fragrance has made it a sought-after ingredient in perfumery. It can add depth and warmth to fragrance compositions, providing a touch of elegance.

    The oil's association with tranquility and mindfulness has led to its use in relaxation rituals, massage blends, and natural room sprays.

    Siamwood oil has been utilized in traditional practices for its potential to alleviate minor discomfort and promote overall well-being.

    Due to its rarity and limited availability, Siamwood essential oil is considered a precious and valuable botanical extract.

    In summary, Siamwood essential oil is an exotic and aromatic oil with potential benefits for relaxation, skincare, and spiritual well-being. Its unique aroma and potential therapeutic properties make it a valuable addition to various wellness and aromatic applications.

  • Safety card

  • Birth certificate of essential oil

    Latin name:
    Fokienia hodginsii
    Steam distillation
    Woody, earthy, smoky
    Pale yellow to amber
    Shelf life:
    Approximately 4-5 years
    • Blends with:

      Cedarwood, Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Patchouli
    • Quality

      100% natural, not diluted and not adulterated essentail oil. It does not contain any other chemical or carrier oil
  • Benefits

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    Helps create a grounding and calming atmosphere
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    Supports relaxation and stress relief
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    May have antimicrobial and immune-supportive properties
  • Suggestions for use

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    Add a few drops to a diffuser for a soothing and meditative aroma
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    Dilute and apply topically for grounding and relaxation
  • Research

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    Study on the potential antimicrobial activity of Fokienia hodginsii essential oil - full article
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    Research on the potential anti-inflammatory effects of Fokienia hodginsii essential oil - full article
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    Investigation of the effects of Fokienia hodginsii essential oil on stress and anxiety - full article